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Image by Med Badr  Chemmaoui



We used brainstorm techniques like Mindmapping to generate the basic idea of our room. We took some inspiration from various games and from Prison Island's style.

Low-fi Prototyping

For the exhibition we didn't implement the buttons electronically but we designed special buttons that give players the same haptic feedback. The camera has a high resolution that allows the recognition of four poster-size images.


We started our project with three different development approaches: game design, AR-implementation and early-prototyping..


Thinking about accessibility, we avoided the use of bright colours and we kept the differences of the symbols to the shapes. The buttons will be placed in various positions but height will not be a discerning factor. 


Players interact with the game through physical elements such as buttons and pressure tiles. The AR elements provide players with the hints but the screen is not meant to be touched as this makes the game more robust.


Following many user tests, we were able to evaluate our project and to improve it accordingly. People experienced the emotions we meant to evoke: curiosity, fun, perseverance.

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