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Trust the Mirror

A Collaborative Action Room Project

Image by Giorgio Trovato


Trust the Mirror is a game where a team fights against time to escape the room, successfully solving riddles. By interacting with buttons on the walls and with pressure tiles on the floor, the team needs to cooperate to interpret the hints on the mirror. Players can gain up to 100 points, depending on how fast they solve the puzzles. Following the model of Prison Island Göteborg, inaccuracies by team members are penalized, therefore the team needs to re-enter the room every time a button or tile is wrongly pressed.

The Room

The Room

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What's in the room


All players need to press the right buttons to progress in the game. There are 24 buttons in total displaying four different symbols. The buttons are spread throughout two of the four walls.


On the floor there are 16 pressure tiles with the same four symbols as the buttons. Players have to avoid the pressure tiles which don't correspond to the ones that need to be pressed.


The camera on top of the screen gives the mirror effect to the players. The data from the camera is not stored and is only used to be screenshared on the screen.


A screen plays the data from the camera and, going through a program on the computer, adds AR elements to the scene. The players need to understand the purpose of the screen so that they can identify the hints and progress.


Around the pressure tiles there is a safe area where players will be able to stand while pressing the buttons. Standing on the wrong pressure tiles will lead to a penalty and the team will need to re-enter the room.


Four posters are hang on the wall opposite to the screen. The posters are detected from the computer and hints are displayed over them on the mirror. Depending on the level, one, two, three or four puzzles will be shown at the same time.



Enter the room

At first players need to figure out the room: the elements that are noticed initially are the screen, the posters, the pressure tiles and the buttons.


Read the hints

After a little while, players will notice the hints appearing on the screen at their backs. Following the hints will lead to the completion of a level.


Don't make mistakes

Be careful while playing! The team will need to walk on the border of the room since only the buttons represented on the screen need to be pressed.

Game Over Screen


The focus of our project is on teamwork: "the way a team plays as a whole determines its success". The room encourages the team to spread and, by design, it will be not possible to go through the game without cooperating. Its interactive nature will motivate and build up the excitement in the team.

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